Bill Reminders Disappear Once Paid


Long-time user here, Quicken Deluxe Classic. Noticed in the last few days that bill reminders are now disappearing from my list of bills once paid. Is this a new "feature" or a new setting? The payment shows in the funding account but I've found it handy to consistently refer back to my bills page to see what has been paid and what still needs to be paid. Hope that makes sense and look forward to some feedback from the community.


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    @ajlaven - In my opinion, the Reminders views on the Bills & Income tab has been broken for some time now. No longer being able to view the prior months histories of Reminders that have been completed is a big miss for me.

    What I have done is to add the Bills & Income Reminders view to the Home tab. This one works really well in showing the reminders By Month which then allows you to toggle backward for the previous months histories and forward to see the future. It also shows you the status of the current month's Reminders.

    I also added the Projected Balances view to the Home tab. This way I can just toggle back and forth between the views instead of between tabs.

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