How to ensure imported transactions have correct Payee

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Quicken is changing Payee names causing a lot of confusing for me.

I've ready other posts but the instructions to change settings are for Windows. Even under "File>Settings" I don't see how to ensure the Payee listed on my bank transactions import correctly.


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    By default, Quicken Mac tries to automatically rename downloaded names to simplify something like "Home Depot Store12345 Anytown IL" into simply "Home Depot". Unfortunately as you're describing, sometimes those server-based renaming can completely change the name to something entirely incorrect. You have a couple things you can try…

    In Settings > Connected Services, you can try unchecking the checkbox for "Automatically improve the quality of downloaded payee names and categories." For better or worse, this is a nuclear option, either on or off. If you want it not to rename Payees but want to auto-categorize transactions as best it can, you can't do that. you can uncheck the box and try it for a little while to see if you like the results better than when it was checked.

    The other option requires a little more initial time, but gives you much more fine-grained control: setting up local renaming rules in Window > Payees & Rules > Renaming Rules. Here, you can define a rule for the example I gave above:

    You can also create renaming rules to not rename certain payees. So let's say you shop at Home Goods and Home Sense, and every time Quicken downloads a Home Sense transaction, it renames it Home Goods. You can create a renaming rule to not rename a payee which contains Home Sense:

    This is also useful if Quicken for some reason automatically performs a renaming which isn't as logical, like renaming "Vietnam Cafe" to "Verizon". you'd just create a rule to not rename transactions with "Vietnam Cafe" in the name.

    Now, you aren't going to go through all your Payees one at a time to build renaming rules for them. My suggestion is that each week or month, after you download transactions, you create a few renaming rules for thing Quicken renamed incorrectly or un-optimally. For a little while, it will be incomplete because there will be new Payees which don't have rules yet. but over a few months, I think you'll find that you can build up renaming rules for a modest number of Payees which will cover most of your regular transactions. You may still get a stray renaming here and there for a Payee you haven't used before or in a long time, but most of the ones you use somewhat regularly will be increasingly correct because you've build up a stable of renaming rules.

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