Merge downloaded transactions that don't auto-match

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It would be nice to be able to merge two transfer transactions with same date, opposite account and amount such that they don't show up as manually entered.

Use case:

I have numerous debit "Transfer:Credit Card Payment" entries in my primary account, which are not linked to any particular CC. My various CC accounts have same-amount/day credits that are not linked to my main account.

While trying to clean this up, I wholesale selected these transactions and applied the new category. Sadly, this seemingly circumvents the matching algorithm and created new transactions in the target account. Now everything is duplicated. And then quicken adds Adjustment transactions. The noise in my various registers is overwhelming.


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    There are a few existing ways to tackle this.

    One is to edit that transaction in one account to change the category from the unlinked "Transfer:Credit Card Payment" to "Transfer:[account name]"; that will make it a linked transaction which appears in the other account. If you have the payment recorded as an unlinked credit card payment in the other account already, you can just delete that transaction.

    Another approach is to create a scheduled transaction for each credit card payment which is a linked transfer to the other account, using a dummy amount in the scheduled transaction. When the payment downloads from your checking account, it may auto-match with the scheduled transaction, retaining the actual downloaded amount; if it doesn't auto-match, you can drag the downloaded transaction over the scheduled one or vice versa to make them merge. In the other account, you'll do the same or you can delete the downloaded transaction.

    I don't think there's any way Quicken can further automate this. When you download your bank account transactions and there's a credit card payment among the transactions, thee's no way for Quicken to know which account in Quicken it should be paired with, since every bank and credit card company encodes the Payee name differently.

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