Balance Adjustment Issue

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I'm having an issue with balance adjustments. My balances all match up, but quicken is trying to make me do a balance adjustment. I went to my bank's website, and the balance adjustment amount equals the total of all my pending transactions. I have the pending transaction option off, but it still is happening… Any suggestions?


  • Tom Young
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    Not a lot of detail here but I assume that the Account in question is set to automatically reconcile to the online balance downloaded? If that's the case then it seems like the "Online Balance" being downloaded includes the pending transactions even if the option to download pending transactions is off. Is that the case here?

    Click the little icon next to the Online Balance shown at the bottom of the register

  • jdmorgan
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    That's correct. When i check the balances, there is a difference between the "prior balance" and the "ending balance". When i do the math, the difference between the two numbers is the total of the pending transactions.

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