Adequately Test Quicken!! (WIN11)


Just spoke with an agent. My problem was that my ten year series of saved year to year reports, when opened, substituted a current date for the original (left column). The format is one of the standard reports in the Comparison series. Agent response was that I need to recreate and save again all of the reports. It's a known problem (unfixed).

In 2022 I spent hours and hours in an effort to recover transaction tags on fifteen years of data. Quicken had "lost" 80% of them. Fortunately, through much effort I was able to use a series of backups to recreate most and re-enter many. Agents could only suggest that maybe I had "too many transactions!" Does the underlying Quicken database have volume limits? In 2024?

Often, I want to create a report with "Splits" unchecked, resulting in only one line for transactions. Over the last year, it's been common, not consistent, that Splits are shown even when I unchecked them. I return to Customize and the box is checked. The agent had no explanation.

My 40 year career in the computer and software industry tells me that Quicken has inadequate engineering and testing skills. Beware of reliability before investing too much of your time in the product.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    You're preaching to the choir here. Quicken has a long, long history of either trying to fix something or adding a feature, and breaking some other area of the program. That's a powerful reason to NOT be constantly accepting updates.

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