Clearing Database of old and closed T-Bills

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I buy and hold T-Bills at Schwab. After the investment matures, old T-bill stays in Quicken database. Currently there are 45 of these old items in my Quicken file. The only issue with them is that when I have to edit the maturity transaction to make it a Bond Sale, I have to scroll through the list of all Treasury transactions to get to the applicable one I need to edit.

Do these have to stay there? Is there any kind of "consolidation routine" that can be followed? Or just disregard the inconvenience? I would hate to mess up the report feature and cause historical values to disappear.


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    You can hide any securities you no longer own. This will keep the transactions for those securities, which you probably want, but remove them from by default from selection lists. To include them temporarily, check the Show hidden securities box.

    To hide a security, go to Tools > Security list, find the security, and check the Hide box.

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