Create Rent Rolls for properties in Quicken for Windows

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Every year my accountant asks for a Rent Roll for my properties in order to complete my taxes and appeal them. Quicken already has the data: Property Address, Tenant Name, Tenant date of Occupancy, Tenant Lease begin/expiration dates, Rent Amount, Account status, Any late fees assessed, etc. The program has the data, why is such a vital Rental Property Management report missing from Quicken?? Please bring it back to the current versions of Q. Evidently this feature used to be available in Rental Property Quicken…

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The Tenant List in the Subscription version shows the same information as it did in the 2012 version (see comment below). You can get the Lease End Date (in printable form) by clicking the History button and choosing Lease Details.


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    Evidently this feature used to be available in Rental Property Quicken…

    I don't know what has and hasn't been taken out over the years, especially since I don't used the "Business & Home" edition, but you in effect actually using "Rental Property Quicken". In the past there was the Home & Business and RPM edition. The RPM just like all the other editions has everything that the editions below it has. When Quicken Inc decide to get rid of one edition it was the Home & Business one, and they just renamed the RPM version Business & Personal. If they had removed RPM, you wouldn't have any rental features.

    Note the only version I have of RPM is 2012, and in it the "Tenant list" seems something like you want, but it doesn't have every thing.

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