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I am using Quicken Classic for Windows Premier ver R55.26. We have four Vanguard accounts (3 IRAS and a joint trust) that I'd downloaded successfully transactions into Q for years. But last fall after Vanguard forced me to convert to brokerage accounts changed that … The first time I tried to download after the conversion for my joint trust account, Vanguard didn't match up to the existing account (presumably because account numbers changed), and Q created a "new" account called Investment XX0633. My life was too busy at that point to research and fix things, so basically my Q accounts have sat without update since then. Can someone explain in simple terms what I need to do to fix this?? Is it as simple as editing my accounts in Q to show the new Vanguard account numbers and then download? Or will I have to create new accounts in Q? Is there a way not to lose the history? Thank you.


  • Tom Young
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    There are basically two ways of handling the change in the Accounts.

    The first way is to turn off downloading in all of the Accounts. This step should allow you to edit those Accounts to remove the "Financial Institution" and "Account Number" information. Then you click on "Set up Now…" in the Online Services tab and follow the prompts to select the Financial Institution, provide your UserID and Password, and Quicken should find those accounts at Vanguard. Then, you don't ADD the Accounts in Quicken, you LINK them.

    The other way to to create new Accounts in Quicken for the brokerage Accounts. Initially you'd want to set them up as manual offline Accounts. You'd then transfer all the securities and cash in the old Accounts to the new Accounts you just created. Having done that you turn off the downloading ability in the old Accounts and start the process of linking the new Accounts to Vanguard. Quicken should, again, find the accounts at Vanguard and you link them to the new Quicken Accounts. If you had gone this route back when Vanguard made the change, the first download into the new Account should have populated the Account with the initial holdings of securities and cash in the Accounts, duplicating your Transfers. Assuming the downloaded positions and your Transferred positions agreed, you would delete one or the other of the duplicates.

    I don't know how far back in time Vanguard goes with the "first" download into the Accounts, 90 days is a common window, so it probably won't fill in all the blanks between "last fall" and today. So you may have to either do some manual inputs for the missing transactions (if any) or search Vanguard's site to see if there are other ways to download this information.

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