What's the point of Mileage Tracker for Mac if...

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What's the point of Mileage tracking for Mac if there is no means to export a report of tracked miles for taxes? Are we to use our cell phones and take a picture of our computer screens as a report? Just seems strange to code a means to track something but then not finish the coding work and allow that item being tracked to have a report run on it.


  • RickO
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    Yeah, you can't even print the page. Pretty bad.

    At this point, rather than use a cellphone, you could screenshot the page using the standard macOS screenshot tool. But they really need to at least allow the page to be printed.

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  • jacobs
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    The developers indicated that more is coming, including the ability to export mileage data. (I hope that will also include printing reports, but the only thing I think I saw mentioned explicitly was exporting. Exporting is probably easier to build initially; coding a report might take longer.)

    @BrianAP Quicken's development process is often to build things in small iterations rather than spending a lot longer in development trying to build a complete feature. In this case, I'm just guessing, they release the mileage entry piece first because it allows people to begin entering their data this year, and plan to have a way to get the data out by later in the year.

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  • robertoww
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    We need the capability to export Trips/ Mileage entries in the MAC version. ASAP



  • Jon
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    @robertoww It's your lucky day! You can have that feature right now if you download the current version of Quicken Mac (v7.7.0).

    On the Mileage tracking screen, click the little "…" button and select the "Export to CSV" option.

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