What impacts will adjusting stock holdings and cash account totals have?

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    I have five accounts at my investment firm. Due to a hard drive failure I lost all of the transactions from October 2022 thru January 2024. My firm will not send the missing transaction activity via Quicken download. I have hard copies of the missing monthly reports but entering all the missing transactions is totally impractical. I have down loaded the 2024 transactions. The result is that the end of period stock holdings and cash account values for each account are not accurate. If I correct the end of period cash account and stock holdings, then going forward I should have accurate stock holdings and cash account totals. I assume going forward I will loss the ability to have correct gain/loss calculations. I am correct? What other impacts will I have? I have Windows 11 and Quick Classic. Dennis

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    Here are some of the impacts of missing investing transactions and how to recover without entering all the transactions. Depending on how you use Quicken, these may or may not be important to you.

    • Share balances - correct with Add and Remove shares using Update Share balance from the gear menu. When Adding, you can enter the overall cost basis of the missing shares, but the tax lot details will be missing.
    • Cash balance - correct with Update Cash Balance from the gear menu
    • Cost basis - used to compute capital gains and losses when selling shares, see above for approximating
    • Tax reports - Dividends and other distributions will be missing
    • Average Annual Return in Portfolio views and Investment Performance Report - will be incorrect for periods that include the missing transactions
    • Gain/loss, ROI, and other performance measures in the Portfolio views - will be incorrect for periods that include the missing transactions
    • Net Worth and Account Balances reports - will be incorrect for the period when transactions are missing

    As you can see, it is important to always keep up to date backups on a separate drive from where your data file is stored. I have Quicken store a backup on a thumb drive every time I exit and I also use an online backup service.

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