Zillow - Address not found can not setup Zestimate?


Query for Zillow shows discussions closed. But I assume Zillow update works as Zestimate still works for my residence.

I can find my 2nd property at Zillow Online. Quicken will not set up a Zestimate for my 2nd property. error can't find property??

Thanks Deb


  • NotACPA
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    Have you tried variations, in Q, of the address. Such as "Terr" instead of Terrace, or RD instead of Road.

    The Zestimate tool sometimes gets finicky about such.

    Also, I don't know, one way or the other, if 2 properties are allowed for Zestimate setup.

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  • tusharpat
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    I have the same issue. It works for one property but not for another. I tried unchecking zestimate use and add it back again. While trying to add, it is unable to find the address. I did a google and found that on realtor.com it has the same property with wrong zip code. When I used this wrong zip code, it was able to find address but then it failed in next step to get zestimate. This clearly looks like a quicken bug.