Error in Securities Comparison Mismatch Reported Share Count


I received this error today in two of my accounts from Merrill Lynch. I have several mutual funds that were exchanged. I followed the rules in Quicken that guide you through clicking on "Enter Transactions" then choosing "Mutual Fund Conversion" I enter the "Existing Fund" the "New Mutual Fund", and the "Shares of New" then click "Enter/Done" However, Reported is still showing the number of shares as being the original Fund and not the new fund. I am not certain how to fix this. I no longer have the funds that say "Reported" and as a result the "Error in Securities Comparison Mismatch" comes up when reconciling shares. Please advise how I may fix this. Adding a Place holder is NOT a viable option here. I am stuck with several of my new mutual funds exchanging properly in 2 accounts.


  • Tom Young
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    So you used the "Mutual Fund Conversion" to handle these transactions, in each case properly identifying the old fund given up ("Fund A") and the new fund taking its place ("Fund B"), and Quicken accepted these transactions?

    If that's correct then you should not be getting these errors. My guess here is that the "feed" from Merril Lynch is in error, lagging behind the actual transactions themselves. I have seen this happen from time to time, even in a "Direct Connect" mode of downloading (if that's the method you are using). I'd say "give it a day" to see if the next download confirms my guess.

  • Sco0ter
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    Yes Quicken accepted these transactions. Unfortunately, Quicken did not give the option for mutual fun exchange after the down load and my only choice was to add or remove shares. I had to go back in and subsequently delete the incorrect transactions, then go back and add the Mutual Fund Exchanges. However, this did not fix the issue with the mismatch error. The transactions are about 5-6 weeks old at this point. How long would it take to correct? If deleting the added and removed share transactions are the issue, how do I correct the problem to get back on track where reported will match Quicken?

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