QWin and QMac difference - account value as cash balance (edit)

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I use both Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac. Neither are using web update so they are stand-alone environments, and my securities are both in simple mode. When I do an update in Windows, my securities (401 etc.) download the account value as the cash balance, this effectively doubles the account value and I have to reset the cash balance to zero. When I do the same thing in Quicken Mac, it updates my securities properly.

Why the difference.


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    Originally it was thought that the problem was in the data sent by then financial institution and as such it got pushed off as "not our problem" with the SuperUsers (including me making the same mistake) backing up that viewpoint. Later as more reports came (years later) in like the fact that it doesn't happen on Quicken Mac, I have come to the conclusion that this is a bug in Quicken Windows.

    I have stated that a couple of times now, but I don't think this has gotten much attention. Sort of like once it was decided one way it is next to impossible to convince people that they were wrong. Note that most SuperUsers either follow Quicken Windows threads or Quicken Mac, not both and as such don't put these kinds of differences together.

    EDIT: For what it is worth, this problem has bugged me from day one, and that is why I have put more attention on it than someone else might. I have always wanted to see the logs that would prove if the problem was really data from the financial institution or not. (I don't have such accounts). But no one has ever posted them on the forum. Clearly though they should have at least been sent to Quicken Inc a few times and they should have checked them out. But that might be giving both the people reporting the problem (they might have not sent their reports to Quicken Inc) or more likely Quicken Inc taking/having the time to actually study the logs and see exactly where the problem is.

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    Appreciate the follow up, I've had the same problem in Windows forever and I took a similar path; It's an issue that can be overcome by the user so Quicken isn't going to fix it. Only recently when I bought a Mac, and I was/am doing dual duty to make sure they're producing the same results is when I noticed it.

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