disable automatic transactions in archive files and for backup file restoration (Windows)


Quicken actively retains Managing Bill & Reminders as well as Password Vault in both 1) Backup files and 2) Archive (year-end, etc.) files. This means 1) restoration of backup files WILL create duplicate (and out of date) transactions at online financial institutions, and 2) opening any Archive file that has not been manually purged of repeating Bill & Reminders will similarly create erroneous and duplicate transactions at online financial institutions. As someone with with 30 YEARS of Quicken Archives (literally, beginning with Quicken 4), I get irritated for every annual Quicken Archive I must massage to make a safe and useful archive. Restoration from any backup file more than a month old is too dangerous to contemplate since Quicken attempts to process EVERY automatic reminder and transaction that is dated AFTER the date of the backup file. (Windows)



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