Accounts not updating correctly in a few days even after resetting


I am having issues with downloading transactions for various accounts but not all. I reset them a few times and they work for a few days and then stop downloading again. Started about 3 weeks ago. So I reset, they work for a few days and then stop working again. Very annoying. Have used Quicken since the early 90's and since downloading began never had an issue like this. Windows 11 on fairly new computer.


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    Same here. One Step Update shows all updating (in progess) then the summary will only show a few accounts updated. I have also reset Reset Account and will then get updates/downloads for that account. But next time there are new transactions, no joy. Have to do a reset again.

    Something has changed, and its not my accounts..

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    @maaindy & @3Clicks What types of accounts at what Financial Institutions? Also, do TOOLS, Account List for such accounts and tell us which download method you're using for these accounts.

    Also, are you getting any error messages or codes? WHY are you doing the reset, in the absence of errors (other than not getting what you expect).

    And, have you checked the website of the offending accounts to make sure that there's something TO download? A "successful" download only means that Q connected without error … not that there was anything to download.

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