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These are my questions my dad asking me to get answers for, I am looking at the different Quicken versions and I am hoping to get some help so he can get a newer version. He is using Windows 11.

These are his questions, my ask, looking at these questions is there a knowledgebase that I can look at and help him with these and other questions and looking at the newer version I see a newer version like Quicken Classic Deluxe, would that version do what he is asking?

How can I merge a double listing of an investment account on which I also write checks, that is listed as 2 different accounts?

I was keeping Quicken downloads in my computer. Next time I opened Quicken, it didn't connect w/the saved file, and seemed to only download checks written this year.  So I closed that file and reopened the 4 month old download in my computer. When opened, it didn't have the old data. When I closed the old file and reopened the latest download, that data was also missing. How can I recover that data? I'm thinking it should still be in my computer somewhere but don't know how to find it.

How can I ask my checking accounts and credit cards to download all transactions beginning last year ( from 1/1/23 to present ) once again?

Also, how to remove old accounts ( ie, credit cards) from my download lists.

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    Are those 2 investment accounts BOTH listed under "Personal Investment" or "Personal Retirement"? Or, is one listed under "Personal Spending"?

    That Spending account is the cash portion of the account, which if checks are being written makes that interface simpler rather than having all of the cash/check transactions intermingled with the true investing transactions. It CAN, however, be turned off and the cash returned to the investment account via TOOLS, Account List, click EDIT adjacent to the investment portion and UNcheck "Show Cash in a Checking account"

    re: downloads. Such initiated from within Q typically only go back 90 days or so. That's per the demand of the various financial institutions. You MIGHT, however, be able to download a longer period, or a custom period, by initiating the download from the FI's website. See this for more info:

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