Remove Rental Property from menus, categories, dashboards and reports.


Enhancement Request: for Quicken Classic Business & Personal (windows & mac) product, on setup allow ACTIVATE the relevant business portions relevant for the user. Justification: Freelance/consulting work seems to encompass a larger business option for sole proprietors than the niche rental property nowadays.

My problem: After years of using Quicken Classic Business & Personal I finally got annoyed with the Rental Property features. They are intrusive and confusing. I do not own, nor intend to own a rental property. However, I have a freelance consulting business (sole proprietorship).

I would like to remove/turn off all references (menus, accounts, reports, dashboards, categories) related to rental property and create or replace them when appropriate "business" and business-related options (reports, menus, accounts, dashboard, categories). How do I do that?



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    On the Dashboard, you can adjust what panels are shown via the Gear icon in the upper right and clicking Customize

    You can HIDE the categories that you don't want via TOOLS,. Category List and checking the HIDE box next to each unwanted category.

    If Accounts are unused, you can delete them.

    But I know of no way to remove the menus and reports.

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