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I would love to see the ability to choose the add the Tab column and/or the memo column in the Bills & Income area for scheduled transactions. For instance, I have 6 separate scheduled transactions for my insurance company each year related to my home and vehicles. I would love to be able to quickly see which one is which.

Charles Shelby

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Please see jacobs' post below


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    @Pat Shelby Good news! You can already do this. I don't know why there is no Columns icon on this screen as there are on registers, but the other way to enable/disable columns works: Control-click on any column heading and you'll get the pop-up menu of available columns, and you can add both Tags and Memos.

    (Strangely, the columns available vary depending on which Tab you're viewing in Bills & Income. The Bills tab and Projected Balances tab allows you to add Tags and Memos, but the Income tab and Payees tab have Tags but not Memos.)

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