Multiple issues on QMac, had to revert to earlier version [Edited]

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Every new Quicken update and "improvement" drops my data and makes it inaccessible.

Can never open a saved file as Q wants to "save" my file first, sending it into the swamp of the Twilight Zone and spinning for 2-3 days. After reconstructing 2 YEARS worth of lost data (would not link to cloud either), I was about to save file and transfer it and once again it was dropped. Will not allow a backup 3 most old to open. I have reverted to earlier versions. Never had trouble w Window version. [Removed - Rant]



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    You're not storing your Quicken file on iCloud, are you? Or storing it in a directory on your Mac that is synced to iCloud? Either of those things can cause problems in your Quicken file, and reverting to an older version of Quicken isn't likely to make a difference.

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    Quicken Mac is quite stable for almost everyone, and I haven't read any reports similar to yours. I'm not sure I understand what you're describing here. I'm happy to try to help if you want, if you can provide some more details and clarity about what problem(s) you've run into.

    "I was about to save file and transfer it and once again it was dropped."

    Every entry or edit you make is saved at that instant; there is no "save" for a file. (That's why there is no "Save" command on the File menu, like in most programs.) So I don't understand what you mean about saving a file. Or where you're trying to "transfer" it. Or what you mean by "it was dropped."

    "Will not allow a backup 3 most old to open."

    Is that a typo — did you mean "a backup 3 years or months old"? So this is a file ending with ".quickenbackup"? How exactly are you trying to open it? And exactly what happens?

    "Can never open a saved file as Q wants to "save" my file first"

    Quicken when running always has a file open. So if you want to open a different file, if you have Quicken set to save backups when you quit, then Quicken will save a backup of the current file before closing it and trying to open the other file. Perhaps that's what you're seeing: a message that Quicken is saving a backup of your file?

    "I have reverted to earlier versions."

    So just for clarity in troubleshooting, what version were you using when you had the problems you described? And what version did you revert to? When you reverted to the older version, were you opening the same backup file you were trying unsuccessfully to open in the newer version?

    In addition, can you tell us what version of macOS you are running, and what is the location of your .quicken data file and you Quicken Backups folder on your computer?

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