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I have quicken deluxe 2016 on my computer and would like some help on starting the starting the new annual product.

Is there a simple way to update/purchase the directly from my quicken program? My age and talent on a computer isn't much help to me these days. Anyone with a simple suggestion would be very much appreciated. I have looked for someone from quicken to talk to but can't find out how this is done anymore.

Thank you very much


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    You can go to to purchase a new one-year subscription to the current Quicken. (Quicken is no longer sold as an "annual product (Quicken 2015, Quicken 2016, etc.); it is sold as a subscription which you pay once a year in order to get support, updates as they become available, and access to various online services. Once you download and install the current Quicken program, it will be able to import and use your Quicken 2016 data.

    If you need help with purchasing and installing, you can reach out to Quicken Support. There is a link right at the top of this page for "Support". Note that phone support is not open on the weekends, so you'd have to wait until Monday. (They also offer text chat support on the weekends, but from your description, I think you'd be better with a live phone representative.)

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