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I am running Windows 11 and Quicken version R55.26.

All my accounts are reconciled to paper statements. All has been working fine until today when I went to reconcile one account, The issue is with only this one account. When I go to reconcile the account the a different than normal reconcile windows opens stating "The prior ending statement done 4/7/2024". My ending statements for this account are always the 15th of each month. And when I check the past account statement dates, they are all the 15th. No settings have been changed the only thing is quicken updates have been installed. Can someone please help me with this issue? Thank you


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    For that account, have you recently changed the Download method, say from Direct Connect to "Express Web Connect"?

    What type of account and what Financial Institution?

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  • ccpjr
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    It's a credit card account. I have not changed any Quicken or account settings.

    The only thing that has changed is Quicken updates.

    This seamed to have happend after one of the updates

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