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My wife's 401K at work is hosted by a lame outfit called Northwest Plan Services. They produce only 4 statements per year. The only downloads are manual using CSV or QFX.

Today I noticed that our last downloaded transaction was 2/1/2024, so I requested a file covering 2/2/2024 to 4/21/2024 and received a QFX file consisting of 454 lines. Online I see 10 transactions in that range but, when I import it into Quicken, I get "There are no new transactions. However, investment balances and holdings have been updated. (OL-96-A)".

I've tried deactivating online services for that account in Quicken. When I import the same QFX file, Quicken asks me to create a new account. Yet, I still get the OL96A error.

When I download the data in CSV format, there are 65 lines including buys, sells, and reinvests. Oddly, the fees aren't mentioned.

When I examine the QFX file, I see 12 blocks of code that look like this:


and 16 that look like this:


but none that include an FITID. I feel like this is just a bunch of quotes, but no transactions.

What am I looking at?
Should I conclude that NWPS has sent me an incomplete QFX file?


  • q_lurker
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    I can’t say it is incomplete because I don’t know what they intended to send. What you are seeing are your holdings in that account as of 4/21/2024.

    • 236.028 shares of a security with the CUSIP of 233203843 and a current market value of $29,921.27, and 11 other holdings

    The Second blocks relate the CUSIP ids to the names of specific securities and should be repeating the price per share.

    Make sure your dates specification was correct. They may have understood you to just want today’s holdings snd transactions.

  • Chris_QPW
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    What is see here is what I call the "investment summary" section of the QFX, as in no transactions, just a summary of the security positions you have at a given time. This would relate to what Quicken now calls the "simple investment mode".

    For reference here is what a mutual fund buy would look like:


    And it would be in this section:


    A QFX file is essentially a OFX file with a few more fields so you if you really interested in it you can find the specifications for it here:


    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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