PNC Transfers Not Going To Right Accounts


When I download transactions from PNC, sometimes they go to the right accounts, sometimes not. Then when I reconcile Quicken places an adjustment into the account to match it with the online balance. I've reached out to Quicken Support several times about this. A tech has connected to my laptop and even after explaining the issue I have had no resolution. I have added the Downloaded Payee column to my register to try to figure out what Quicken is doing to no avail.


  • UKR
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    My 2¢ on this situation are:
    Quicken has problems creating correct transfer transactions based solely on downloaded information.
    Therefore I recommend that you manually record your transfers BEFORE you download transactions from the banks. This way you have correct transfer transactions in your registers already and Quicken can match the downloaded transaction to the existing register transactions, not causing any more problems.

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    If you are relying on automatic transfer detection you should read this:

    This is my website:
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