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It would be a beneficial feature if Quicken could display an allocation breakdown for the entire portfolio of bank accounts, CDs, real estate, investment funds, IRAs, T-bills etc. Currently, it only shows a breakdown of Investment Accounts by large cap, small cap, cash, bonds using the Investment Allocation Report. That report captures the overall allocation for investments using a percentage breakdown by individual security, which is a nice feature and a must have to see an accurate allocation picture for ETFs and other managed funds. But, it leaves the user with the task of adding in checking accounts, savings, and other accounts that are not included in the Investment tab to see an overall allocation picture usually by using a spreadsheet. It would be a great help to the casual user if the Quicken staff could engineer a means of capturing the entire portfolio to see a complete picture of cash assets vs. long term and short term investment assets, real estate etc. It would be an added bonus to have additional buckets such as Fixed Income funds, ETFs, Closed End funds, Structured Investments etc.

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    By design Quicken encourages users to separate "spending" money and Asset accounts from investments and their asset allocation, but it does allow users to specify the "Account intent" for these accounts.

    [corrected] Currently Quicken is inconsistent in how it handles banking accounts where you have set the account intent to Investment or Retirement. The Cash section of the Asset Allocation Report does include money in these accounts, which is good, but none of the pages on the Investing tab include these accounts. This is probably because there is no way to select banking accounts on the Investing page. In the Investment Performance report, there are blank lines where deposits, withdrawals, and interest income for these accounts should be, and the performance is calculated based just on the starting and ending balances, which is incorrect.

    Currently there is no way to assign an asset class like Real estate or Precious metals to an Asset account. That might be a good idea, but it is really a separate issue. You can set the Account intent to Investing and that includes the account in the Asset Allocation report, but its value is treated as Cash, which pretty much makes it useless.

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