How to enter 401(k) settlement payment?


I have an amount which was directly deposited into my 401(k) plan by a former employer. Apparently, there was a lawsuit and as part of the settlement they put the settlement money directly into the account. Quicken pulled in the correct amount but I need a description which makes sense and doesn't effect the cash balance. The payment was for overcharging expenses and I have been charged record keeping fees and record maintenance fees previously. I have been scrolling and scrolling through the many descriptions of money depositied into the account and I haven't found any which make sense. I am using Windows 11 Pro and I have Quicken Classic Premier which constantly updates.


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    Why doesn't this deposit affect the cash? Was it immediately used to purchase securities … in which case I'd record the cash and then the purchases.

    As to recording the cash received, use a "Other Cash Transaction" (if your version of Q has that …. down at the bottom of the
    Actions dropdown menu) with a category of your choosing (or creation).

    Have you been recording those expanses (which you were overcharged)? If so, l'd use the same category for this deposit as you used when the money was removed.

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