Including pending transactions in "see projected balances"


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Pretty self explanatory, I am trying to included the new pending transactions feature in the projected balance graph. I've looked at the settings and it doesn't look like this is possible yet. If someone has insight that would be great. ,


  • Tom Young
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    Well the obvious way of doing this is to simply enter those transactions since you know they will, most likely, be showing up as actual transactions in the Register within a day or two.

    If you know that one or more of these pending transactions will not be actually showing up in the Register, like temporary "holds" that some vendors use, then leave them off or, conservatively, enter them and if they eventually don't show up, eliminate them later.

    From a strict accrual accounting standpoint any cost you incur using a credit card should be entered on the same day that the transaction occurs to maintain an accurate up to the minute record of your liability, though I know most people don't do that and wait until the transaction actually clears and shows up in a download.

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