Categorizing transfers - from Savings to Checking (edit)

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I just took over managing the bank accounts of a Bee Club I belong to. I'm trying to fix some mistakes. I transferred money from savings to checking as some honey sales from last year were deposited into savings rather than the checking account where the related expenses are managed. How can I categorize this transfer as sales that were made last year? I'd like to generate a P&L but I'm flummoxed.


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    In Quicken for Windows, transfer can not have a category. You would need to go back to the original deposit in the incorrect account and properly categorize it there. A sale is a sale (if properly categorized) in any account that it might have been made into.

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    are you actually using a Category for each sales transaction - or just the overall total sitting in the Checking acct ?
    If Category, then your Reports should be able to show the real numbers -

    or - if you want - just thinking out loud here -
    you can Move Transactions from the Savings to the Checking - which would show the proper accounting -
    but then, you need to create an offsetting transaction for that movement - and reflect your actual movement of money -
    Since the Checking would now have the correct Transactions and the additional money -
    the offsetting entry in Savings would just be an entry for an expense…. call it "Correction" :)

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