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First, sorry if this is covered elsewhere. I really not sure how this community stuff works!

Second, I might not be calling it the right thing.

Anyhow, I recently set up my bank accounts to allow for easier entry confirmations. I regularly input all my purchases, breakdowns by tax, etc. Hooked it in to my bank account, did a download and then hit accept all (lots of backed up stuff to look through). I then ended up with a bunch of cryptic transactions as the downloaded versions seemed to overwrite all my painstakingly entered information. I see that you seeming can set it up payee by payee how to handle the downs loads and this is swell for frequently used payees…but there are many one off transactions that really do allow for this.

In short, how do have make it stop/never make changes? If it matches, just leave what is already entered alone. Is this possible?

Thank you power users for any help.


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    What about the transactions was being overwritten by the downloads? Payee name? Category? Memo?

    If it is the Memo that is getting changed: Got to Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit Account Details > Online Services tab > check the box for Don't update memo when downloading > OK. This will stop downloaded Memo data from overwriting what you had previously entered there.

    If the Payee is getting overwritten (it should not be doing that) you can set up Renaming Rules. See this Support Article: .

    Another tool you might want to read up on is the Memorized Payees List: . This in conjunction with the Renaming Rules can be very helpful.

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    you have to review downloads to look out for such unwanted changes.

    a change you don't want — delete it rather than accept it.

    after the initial large download you will get only recent transactions if you update regularly.

    WARNING: always make a backup file before trying any new action or feature.