Quicken Quit Opening on Mac


I get a msg saying that it doesn't like the Quicken file. "The file couldn’t be opened because it isn’t in the correct format.":


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    @Dewaine Miller It's hard to guess what might be going on from your very brief description. Please provide more information…

    • What version of Quicken do you have? (You can go to your Applications folder, find Quicken.app, click on it and do File > Get Info — this will show the version number.)
    • Is the data file you're trying to open a file which ends with the .quicken extension?
    • Did the file you are trying to open previously work with the same version of Quicken Mac? How recently had you opened this file?
    • Can you identify anything that changed in your computer environment just prior to this problem? macOS update? Quicken update?
    • Is this your one and only Quicken data file, or do you have any others? If others, do they open correctly?
    • What kind of backup files do you have. Do you have backups auto-generated by Quicken (with the .quickenbackup file extension)? Do you use Time Machine on your Mac and therefore have access to prior versions of your Quicken data file?

    I could ask more questions, or suggest some things to try, but let's pause there for the moment. 😉 The more information you can share, the more likely we'll be able to help you to a resolution.

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