PROBLEM: Changing data in a Scheduled Transaction w/ split, DELETES prior transaction Split Info!!!!


I use Quicken to track business expenses and rely on Scheduled Transaction to manage recurring monthly expenses. Many of my entries contain splits to more accurately track/categorize data within one entry. ie Payroll, taxes

I've used Quicken for 25 years and just encountered this problem for the first time back in January. While I was preparing to run 2023 tax reports I uncovered numerous prior transactions that were previously cleared/reconciled that had split data at the time of entry and reconciliation but now showed "UNCATEGORIZED" where the split data should be. The data was gone and required hours of time to manually reenter this data in each transaction so that I could run my reports. I called Quicken at the time and opened a ticket but after an hour on the phone had no idea what/why.

Fast forward to today. Yesterday I updated two scheduled transactions by clicking on "Edit All Instances," just like I've done hundreds of times over the years. I added a new employee and, as a result, updated both the Payroll Net Paycheck and Tax Liability transactions to reflect the new information so it would populate correctly going forward. WHEN I LOGGED IN TODAY I FOUND THAT EVERY INSTANCE OF THOSE TWO TRANSACTIONS GOING BACK TO JANUARY 2021 NOW SHOW UNCATEGORIZED INSTEAD OF THE SPLIT DATA! Yes, these transactions had all been previously cleared/reconciled and the data is gone. While I do complete back-ups I'm not as disciplined as I should be. So, that's on me. But this is a SIGNIFICANT bug for those of us that rely on Scheduled Transactions with Splits.

Learning this information I called Quicken and opened a new ticket - and it was recommended that I add what I learned here to potentially help others avoid this problem and to encourage people to like or comment if they've experienced the same. Please tag - like - share to get this the attention it needs for Quicken to resolve.


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    A few years ago, I would have said pretty confidently that there's no way editing scheduled transactions could result in changes to posted transactions. Once an instance of a schedule transaction is posted (paid/deposited), it is completely separate from any chain of transactions. It should be impossible for an edit to a scheduled transaction to affect previously posted transactions… and yet, I've seen enough reports from users in recent months which are similar to yours to believe there's something they need to dig into.

    Unfortunately, us discussing it here is unlikely to bring about a resolution, as this isn't Quicken Support and the developers don't read the posts here. I encourage you to continue to pursue this with Support,and the post back here if you learn anything. (Sorry, I wish there was something else I could suggest you do to pursue this, but you're already doing it!)

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