Weird selection bug (Q Mac)

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I tab from field to field when I have duplicated a transaction (for speedy entry of a repeating transaction) when the tabbing/focus moves to the amount, not the whole amount is highlighted, only a fraction of it. I can still start typing a new amount, which will change the whole amount, but it always throws me off as I think only a part of the amount will be changed (the one highlighted). This used to work just fine before. It seems to be a new bug.

Quicken Version 7.7.0 (Build 707.53335.100) on Sonoma 14.4.1, Apple Macbook Pro M2


  • jacobs
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    Yes, it's weird. And at times, tabbing into the amount field, nothing is highlighted, even though the existing text is actually selected. This started sometime last year. I've reported it, including a screen capture movie, and I know it's come up before here, but so far the developers haven't addressed it. I thought it was some small thing they would fix in a bug fix release, so I don't know if this is just under their radar, is actually a complex issue to fix, or is waiting on a fix in some underlying macOS framework from Apple.

    All I can suggest is to use Help > Report a Problem and submit this issue (including the screenshot). Perhaps it will land at the right time for someone on the development tram to look into it.

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