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I'm trying to create my first budget. All is well, except that I cannot figure out how to have any of my Savings Accounts show up in the budget. Budget/Edit/Select Account and all the savings accounts are checked but they do not appear in the budget report or in the Edit Budget. I have automatic transfers between checking and savings set up correctly in the register, but they do not appear in the budget. I've tried toggling them off and on and deleting and starting over, but nothing works. What am I missing?



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    Transfers between accounts are not income or expense, which is why they aren't showing up in your budget.

    However, because certain transfer feel like expenses even thought they are actually movements of money from one account to another (such as the principal payment on a loan), there is a way to force them to show up which isn't obvious. Go to Edit Budget > Select Categories and scroll down to, or search for, Transfers. Here you'll find Transfers In for every account and Transfers out for every account. Check the ones which you want included in your budget. You don't want them all; something like a transfer from checking to a credit card account would include your credit card bill payment, but your credit card expenses have already been registered as individual transactions int he credit card account. Also, make sure you don't include transfers to and from the same account, or they'll simply cancel themselves out.

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