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I have two accounts for the same credit card; I made by mistake. While adding a new account, I did not link a new account to the old one. As a result, I now have a new cc account starting on the day of the action and an old but same, cc account with transactions ending on the date I linked to the new account. I want to append the old cc account transactions to the new cc account. Is it as simple as opening the two account windows and dragging the old transactions into the new account window? That would be a lot of transactions. It seems like a simple action would be to append the old transactions to the new account. How? Is there a merge process?


  • Jon
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    There's no account merge command. Dragging the old transactions to the new account is the only way to get them moved over. You'll need to delete the Opening Balance transaction in the new account either before or after doing so, otherwise it will throw off your balance.

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    Thanks, Jon;

    I also see that my credit union account will export QFX transactions. I could export and then import the old transactions to my new credit unit Quicken account. Is that correct? Would that work?

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    As @Jon said, all you need to do is select all the transactions in the old account, then drag and drop them onto the new account. I wouldn't try messing with re-downloading transactions you already have. (Note that the transactions you can export from your credit union may not go back in time as far as your transaction history in Quicken.)

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