Investment lot selection highlighted transaction is hard to read & remove extra steps [Edited]

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I think investment sell transactions involving lot specification could be made less complicated.

1) if I select specify lots of a sell transaction a window will pop showing the lots. The current lots are displayed. The first lot is highlighted with a grey shading. This makes reading what is on the line nearly impossible, I usually have to un-shade by moving up or down the lot list to read it. Could the shading be lightened or changed?

2) when I finish entering the lots to sell, I select "ok", then I have to select "enter" can't the "ok" button serve as the enter button?

3) when I choose to enter the transaction when I hover near the enter button a new screen covering the action buttons that duplicates the action buttons with "enter edit delete attach" but does not match the position of the action buttons being covered. It serves no purpose. I have to move the cursor to make it disappear, could it be eliminated?

When I have several transactions to enter this creates unnecessary and frustrating steps. Could this be cleaned up?

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  • NotACPA
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    Unless you specify otherwise, prior to the sale, your broker will almost certainly use FIFO for lot selection.

    SO, Q's choice of that 1st lot is entirely appropriate.

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  • hmday
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    Sorry I wasn't clear. I'm not talking about the choice Q makes (i.e. FIFO). I was trying to suggest if a user chooses to "specify lots" the steps are cumbersome and could be simplified. For me, selling is executed by a financial advisor and more often than not they involve tax consequences. Therefore, I manually specify the lots 0f a sell transaction to make sure the correct lots are sold.