Can't pay for subscription from the UK as I don't have a zip code


I'm a new UK user trying to make my first subscription payment and I can't proceed with the payment as I don't have a US zip code and the system doesn't accept my UK postal code. Is there a way round this please?


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    Have you tried using 00000, 99999, or the UK Postal code with only digits ?
    Please note: I do not know that this works, only asking if you tried it.
    It seems to work for some types of (non-Quicken) card payments - per some online reports that I see.

    take a look at

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    I've suggested in the past that, in this situation, you could use the Zip of your embassy in Washington DC, or the White House, etc.

    It really isn't used for anything so I don't know why it's a required field.

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