RMD with stock transfer


I move shares of common stock from my IRA to my regular account at the current price to complete my annual RMD. The stock is not sold but is now acquires the basis of the price on the day of transfer instead of the basis it had in the IRA. How do I account for this other than by recording it as a sale then transfer cash from IRA to regular then purchase in the regular account at the same price?


  • jacobs
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    Is this different in any way than a sale in your IRA account, transfer to your non-retirement brokerage account, and purchase in the brokerage account? (That's the way I typically enter such an event: a Sell, a Transfer, and a Buy.)

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  • volvogirl
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    Your basis would be the RMD transfer amount not the original IRA basis. There might be a wrinkle if you had a non deductible basis in the IRA.

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