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Hello All:

I recently had a file corruption issue that caused me to restore a backup file, then recreate the transactions between the backup date and the restore date. Reviewing the new file once the transaction recreation was completed, I discovered several older (predating the backup file) split transactions had lost the split details. The split details are all transfers between accounts, which I know has been unreliable for awhile. Nevertheless, I use these details and fortunately can recreate the transaction splits using a memorized transaction "template" and filling in each split amounts. However, because these transactions are months old, they are all reconciled.

My question: What happens if I un-reconcile the corrupted (missing split detail) transaction, delete it, then manually select the Reconcile option in the Cleared column on both sides of the recreated transaction? My data looks correct when I experimented with this process, so I want to ensure I'm not breaking something "under the hood", especially with reconcilation.

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    @Sheadpast , I don't believe this will cause any significant issues for past transactions.
    I have done many manual changes between reconciled, cleared and uncleared states on 'not so recent' transactions without issues.
    Note, however, that this does impact 'matching' of downloaded transactions. so if you do this to recent transactions, you need to make sure the 'end state' of things are all correct.

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    Whether it will mess up reconcile depends on if you are affecting the balance of any account.

    If I have a transaction of $100 I can split that any way I like and not affect that account balance.

    On the other hand, if one of those split lines is a transfer to another account, now I have just changed the balance of the other account.

    That also goes for changing a transaction the is a transfer to not be a transfer or the other way around.

    Please not that marking a transaction with the R/reconcile doesn't make it "vanish out of the reconcile". It will not show up in the reconcile dialog, but it most certainly will still be included in the "Cleared balance" that the reconcile starts with.

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