Quicken for Mac--Incomplete and missing transaction data

Richard Kennedy
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Quicken Version: Quicken Classic Premier Version 7.7.1 (Build 707.53346.100)
Operating System: macOS 14.4.1
Brokerage Firm: Charles Schwab

Incomplete Commission totals are downloaded: The following amounts are not included in the Commission downloaded into Quicken: (1) Executing Broker Commission; and (2) Exchange Processing Fee.

Schwab Bank: No transactions from "Schwab Bank Transactions" are downloaded at all.

I spent consider time of the phone with Schwab technical support. They said that the information is available to Quicken but Quicken chose not to download it. This causes a great deal of manual editing. Quicken needs to download the above transactions.


  • jacobs
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    I don't know if the information you received from Schwab is correct or not — that it's Quicken's fault and not theirs. Financial institutions frequently blame Quicken even though it may not be Quicken's problem. Are these separate transactions, or are they commissions deducted from a Buy or Sell transaction? That is, if you log onto your Schwab account and go to the History tab to select a date range which includes some of these transactions, are the fees you're describing included in the Fees & Comm column for Buy or Sell transactions, or are these separate rows of additional transactions? (You could also try exporting the transactions as a .CSV file and opening in a spreadsheet to see how they are represented there.)

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