Why are downloaded posting dates causing problems in register and planning tab

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I am using Quicken Canada (Windows) R56-9. I was going to report this directly to Quicken but thought maybe somebody else has encountered the same thing.

Since the newest release my downloads are incorrect.

Prior to this release, the downloaded transaction date and posted date were exactly the same as the credit card statement. Now it seems like the two dates have been reversed as the transaction date is newer than the posted date. see 1st screenshot

There is also a problem in the actual column for April. It now shows a doubled amount. (screenshot 3) If I click on an amount, it shows two transactions, (screenshot 2) although there is only one transaction in the register. Screenshot 1 shows only one transaction for Shaw (originally showed posting date as April 26) It appears that both the transaction date and posted date are being used.

I haven't reported the issue to Quicken as I thought others may be having the same problem and may have already reported it. Please let me know if you have found a solution to the problem and if I should report it to Quicken.


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    Q doesn't download the As-of date (what's in the Date column). It doesn't know that info, such as when you used your card or wrote the check..

    It only knows the Posting Date, which is when the txn cleared the FI.

    And since your register is, in your graphic, sorted by Tag (triangle in the Tag column header) we can't really get a good picture of what's happening. One graphic shows 2 txn for Shaw Cable, but the register only shows one.

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