Optionally display account notes in "Accounts Summary" and "Net Worth" reports

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I want to print a summary of my accounts that will be useful to my heirs in case I die.

To make this really useful, though, the report needs to include the account notes, which have details like the phone number of the company, the account number, and so on.

Very old versions of Quicken for Mac used to have an option to include the account notes in the "Accounts Summary" report. It would be great if that option could be added.

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    @tigertech Since you presumably aren't opening and closing accounts too frequently, you might just want to create a text document with your account information. You could optionally include your login credentials if you feel that's appropriate. And in such a list, you could include things outside the scope of accounts you track in Quicken, such as frequent traveler accounts, subscription services, utilities, etc.

    Instead of typing such a list from scratch, you could initially generate a Net Worth report which lists all your accounts, export it to a CSV file, and open it in a spreadsheet; add additional columns for account numbers, contact information, etc., and additional rows for things other than financial accounts.

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