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I have a 401k with a firm in Oklahoma. Never been online, never will. I have been using the update 401k wizard for many many years. Now it is gone. If you choose the simple method of tracking the 401k value, there is no way to update it. I have contacted support and been advised this is a feature, not a bug. Now the only way to update the value of the account is switching to complete tracking method. Which is a massive pain. I was told it needs to go to the community for a vote. I think this change is only a few months old, but I only use it quarterly so who knows. Is there somewhere else I should post this for community support.? Whose with me. This post shows the feature that is no longer available:


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    What do you hold in that 401k? Securities, for which you can download quotes? Or what?

    My wife has a retirement account that doesn't download (with only a single security) and I just go online at month-end to get the new balance and then input a ReinvDiv transaction to bring the register amount into agreement.

    It's probably not really a Div, but since it's a retirement account, it doesn't really matter.

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    @Cpenwell - unfortunately Simple Tracking was intended only for online investment accounts. That "Update 401(k) Holdings" feature is only used for manual 401(k) accounts. There are other posts from users that want to use Simple Tracking for a manual investment account, but I don't see a product enhancement request.

    If you want to start a product idea or product enhancement that can be voted on, go to Categories→Product Ideas→Ideas for Windows Classic, and then choose a category for the product enhancement and then click on the "New Idea" button.

    This will give other users the opportunity to give their vote to your product idea or enhancement. There is no guaranty that your idea will get enough votes to be considered, but at least you have an opportunity to get your idea noticed.