Why is there no date filter on debt accounts?


A date filter needs to be added to debt accounts. And there also needs to be

-an option to turn off the auto reconciliation behavior/auto balance adjustments

-an option to do a reconciliation like every other type of account has

-the ability to turn on auto renaming

For whatever reason, the debt accounts lack all these things that exist in every other type of accounts.

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  • jacobs
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    Are you referring specifically to Loan accounts? Because regular Liability (debt) accounts behave like other account types, including the ability to filter by date and reconcile. Loans have a special limited interface because the transactions are being calculated, not just entered or downloaded.

    I'm guessing there isn't a date filter since most loan accounts have only one or two transactions a month, and since clicking on the Date heading allows you to show the most recent transactions at the top or bottom as you wish. Perhaps you can add a note explaining the use case/need for date filtering in a Loan account payment schedule.

    There is no reconcile function for mortgage accounts, since you can't enter transactions directly in the account register. I'm just guessing that the developers didn't want to allow the reconcile feature because it would allow users to enter adjustments or transactions which would interfere with the calculation of subsequent loan payments. And because most loan accounts have one transaction a month, which makes it easy to just compare the balance to the financial institution's statement. However, if you want to be able to mark transactions reconciled, you can do so…

    The Clr field is not shown by default, and there's no Columns icon to change which columns are displayed. But you can Control-click on a column header, and it will pop up a menu of column choices, so you can add the Clr column or otherwise change the columns displayed. If you want to mark transactions as reconciled after reviewing your statement, you can do so manually as long as the Clr column is visible. Option-Click on the checkbox in the Clr column once to turn it to cleared (blue checkbox) and a second time to turn it to reconciled (green checkbox). Since there's typically only one or two transactions in a loan account each month, it's easy enough to do should you wish to.

    The other option is to convert the Loan account to a standard Liability account. This will remove the automatic calculation of interest-vs-principal and the "what if" payoff capability, but it will behave as a regular account if using the reconcile feature or date filter is important enough to you.

    For what it's worth, there was an "Idea" request for adding reconcile to Loan accounts in Quicken Mac several years ago. It's one of the rare feature requests which the developers marked as "Not Planned", and the thread was subsequently archived.

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