YTD Return Reflecting Previously Held Positions of Same ETF Held Twice During The Year


I purchased and sold an ETF earlier this year for a loss. I recently repurchased the same ETF which is showing a gain. In the Investing / Portfolio window, the YTD Return reflects a return using the previous loss plus the current gain to calculate the YTD Return figure. When viewing the closed lots for this security which is greyed out, I can see that the loss from the previous closed position is the problem. What do I need to do so that only the current position is reflected in the YTD Return?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    I would say that the data for a YTD period is correct as it is.

    If you want to see the gain or loss just for the period that you held the current position, you could change the starting date in the Portfolio preferences to a date between when you sold the old lot and when you bought the new one. But of course that would not work if there are other securities in the mix with different holding periods..

    Your request gets complicated very quickly. What should it do if you only sold part of the older lot?

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