What are my options to update Quicken Mac 2007/2015 ?

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I've been using Quicken going back to at least 2007 on an old iMac. I recently purchased a new iMac and the software is not compatible with the older version of Quicken I was using (which I believe was last updated in 2015). I tried to see if I could simply purchase a newer version and import my data file, but was only presented with monthly subscription options. I chose Simplifi, but now it looks like there isn't a way to import my previous data file. Any advice on my options would be appreciated. I'd just like to continue to do what I was doing on my new computer.



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    I think you've figured out your options. Quicken now operates on a subscription basis, as does Simplifi. There's no way to buy Quicken for a one-time fee as you used to. Even though the web site shows the cost per month you only pay once per year.

    Simplifi is entirely web based so you can access it from any device anywhere; the downside is that you have to start over as there's no way to import Quicken data, and it doesn't have all the features that Quicken does.

    Quicken is still desktop based, though you can upload your data to the cloud & perform certain tasks via the web or mobile apps. There are a few different Quicken subscription levels depending on what features you need; Deluxe is probably the one that you'll want.

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    Just to add a little to @Jon's reply, Quicken — now called "Quicken Classic" to differentiate it from the Simplifi product — is the direct descendant of your old Quicken. And the good news is that it will import your existing Quicken data file.

    I'm interested to know about what version of Quicken you have on the old Mac. Was it Quicken 2007 (the legacy Mac product which terminated with this release), or Quicken 2015 (the first iteration of the re-write of Quicken into the modern Quicken Mac)? The latter will cleanly and easily update into the current version of Quicken Mac. If it was Quicken 2007, the migration is a little more complex, going through a cloud-based server for part of the conversion process. Do you still have your old Mac with the old Quicken? That can be helpful in comparing pre- and post-migration account balances, as they may be some (hopefully minor) discrepancies. It was also be helpful in prepping the old data file for conversion, and making sure it isn't damaged being moved from Mac to Mac. Let us know your situation, and we can offer additional advice.

    With the Quicken Classic subscription, you'll have access to all online service for a year. That includes the ability to download transactions from most financial institutions, the ability to import downloaded transactions from others, and the ability to have your stock and security prices automatically updated. At the end of your subscription year, you have the option to not pay to renew. As long as you have Quicken Deluxe (or Premier, but not Starter), you will be able to continue using Quicken without those online services, entering all your transactions manually as you've been doing with your old Quicken. But, the "gotcha" that Quicken imposes should you not renew is that the right 25% of your Quicken screen will inherit an unmovable banner ad about renewing; some people find this workable, and some people find it so annoying that they either renew or stop using Quicken.

    P.S. Since you just bought a Simplifi subscription, Quicken Support can refund that, or convert what you paid towards a Quicken Classic Deluxe subscription. That can't be done on this site, but clicking the link for Quicken Support at the top of the page will get you to the right place.

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