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Am I missing something but it doesn't appear that Quicken can account for investments in different currencies? I am referring to entering and segregating investments by different currencies and reporting the value of the portfolio on the basis of a common currency? Nor can Quicken calculate the portfolio return on a multi-currency basis? In this day and age, shouldn't Quicken have this capability?


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    An account register in Quicken, regardless of type, can only be defined in a single currency.

    If your broker allows you to hold securities in multiple different currencies you will need to create Offline (manual) brokerage accounts, one for each currency. And you will have to figure out how best to handle buys, sells, etc. and cash transfers between the individual accounts. Reconciliation might be difficult.

    I'm guessing that it is not a simple task to make brokerage accounts capable of working with multiple currencies. If Quicken has programmers assigned to this task … we here in the Community are regular customers and we never know what's cooking in the lab until Quicken management announces it.

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    In my opinion, segregating investment currencies in the report and the portfolio, quite doable, in fact, Quicken Mac does only that (it doesn't have even the level of multiple currency support that Quicken Window US has. But you are the first person I have seen that has requested it. You can make such a suggestion by going to the Home page and selecting New Post → New Idea, and that will let people vote on it (for Quicken Windows US you need 50 votes for it to be considered).

    Quicken Windows does do consolidated reporting in a selected currency in reports.

    Note that what @UKR brought up seems a bit different than what @Gordon Gee suggested, but I can certainly be wrong about that. You can't mix different currencies in the same account. And that is something that I'm 99.999% is never going to change, especially not in the investment accounts. People don't really realize what that basically would mean. You would have to start treating "cash" in the same way as dealing with securities. No longer can you just have a single number, you must have "pairs" for every value you see, both the currency and the amount.

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