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Two requests:

1) In the Downloaded Transactions window, allow sort on the "Status" field to bring all my uncleared transactions to the top. Why don't we have that feature? All the other fields can be sorted.

2) Allow a report on ANY open window, but specifically, I should be able to right click and get the option to print my downloaded transactions window at any point in my reconciliation process. This is handy when wanting to ask my spouse about transactions I can't figure out.


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    The way to request an enhancement is to create an Idea post. This will let other users comment and vote on your idea. The product team periodically reviews these posts and sometimes implements them. However there is a pretty high bar for Ideas to be considered.

    To create a new idea, you can go to the forum Home page and click on New Post then New Idea. The more specific you can be about your request the better, and it is best to have one proposed change per Idea.

    Ideas that have a clear description of the request and why it is important, general agreement among the commenters, and a large number of votes generally get the highest priority. As Ideas move through the review process, their Status next to the vote count changes.

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  • mshiggins
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    For request #2, downloaded transactions used to be available in the Online Center and could be printed or exported from the Online Center.

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  • QuickUserPSP
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    For Item #1, until sorting is available, you can always right click on an item to bring up this menu -

    If you check "Hide accepted transactions" once, it will then always default to hiding accepted transactions. Then, when you download transactions click on "Accept All Matched Transactions", it will leave only uncleared, or unmatched (New) transactions in the list. I know this doesn't solve your issue of not being able to sort the list, but at least the list might be easier to work with.