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Can't seem to engage my Elan Credit card to download transactions. Reset and deactivated 3 times and still won't work.


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    Elan used to be a highly reliable connection for downloading the Fidelity Rewards Visa credit card but that started changing last Sep and has gotten progressively worse since then.

    If you are trying to download this credit card, you might want to consider changing your connection from Elan to the new Fidelity - Investments & Retirement Accounts connection financial institution. This is what it is called in QWin and I think (not 100% sure) that it is the same in QMac.

    It you try doing this, backup your data file first. Then deactivate your Elan connection and set up the Fidelity - Investments & Retirement Accounts connection, making sure to link the download to the credit card account that is already in Quicken (so it does not add a new account to Quicken for it).

    Note: If you have investment accounts with Fidelity, this new Fidelity - Investments & Retirement Accounts connection can be used for them, too, but it supports Simple Tracking only, not Complete Tracking. If you want to keep Complete Tracking, then do not authorize Fidelity to download your investment accounts with Fidelity - Investments & Retirement Accounts. Then your Fidelity Investments Direct Connect connection will remain intact and Fidelity - Investments & Retirement Accounts will be just for the credit card.

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