Is pending transactions totally broken?


I enabled pending transactions on a few credit card accounts. The transactions do appear in the registers (in grey, with the hourglass), but it renders the registers almost unusable. If I edit one non-pending transaction to assign a category, save the changes, and move to the next non-pending transaction, I almost always get the modal error dialog box "please enter a valid date". I have to cancel out, leave the register, go back, toggle the transaction filter to something (say "cleared") and then back to all transactions, to be able to do anything else in that register.

Are others seeing similar behavior? Is there something awry with my configuration that is causing this new feature to make the application almost unusable?


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭

    I haven't seen this problem. I don't edit the pending transactions very often, but I have done it a few times without seeing this. There isn't any setting that should do/fix that. It is some kind of bug.

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  • MasonHickory
    MasonHickory Member ✭✭

    The ability to see "pending transactions" seemed promising in the beginning. I have finally disabled that option as pending transactions remained despite them being long since reconciled. You can go into Edit Preferences and turn Pending Transactions off.