Lost my backup


So I must have deleted my Quicken backup from my computer. i do use quicken mobile besides my computer and on my phone every thing is there. Is there a way in can get it all back on my computer?



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    Why can't you simply create a new backup file from your copy of Q? Or, somehow, did you lose that also?

    Because if there's no backups, and no Q data file … sorry but you're S.O.L

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    the desktop QDF file is not a "backup" for your Mobile - it is the primary storage of your Quicken data.
    and the Quicken Cloud is also not a backup of any kind.


    As asked above - do you mean that you somehow have lost your Quicken QDF file on your computer ?
    Are you creating auto backups and manual backups ? — Edit — Preferences — Backup —

  • eileenberna
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    I am in the same boat. I was backing up to a external drive that just failed. My web version is up to date. There must be some way to access it. My password management program has a "master password" just for something like this. I have two years of data gone from the program now. 😥

  • Ps56k2
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    again - as posted above - there is no Web version, merely 2 companion features that access a subset of data from what you selected and SYNC to the Quicken Cloud.
    All your data is stored in the Quicken QDF Data File on your computer. Also.. you need to have created BACKUPS as per the Preferences shown above…

    My general backup is full /Document/ folder copied monthly to alternating external 2TB drives, along with Quicken backups to flash drive after data changes.

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    Assuming the web version allows for reporting or downloading of transactions, it may be possible to rebuild your desktop file using QIF, CSV, or QFX imports. Likely would be a lot of work, but could be a way to get your data back.

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