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When I pay someone through Check Pay, you select a payee, you provide an amount and a memo, and you click pay now.

When I go to my bank and perform a search in the online portal, it will not find as the only description says check and check #, but the payee or memo name does not display on the bank online portal. I'm asking if that is a bank issue or a quicken issue.

When you review your banking register does it identify the transaction as the payee or does it just show up as check and check # with no payee in the description field.


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    Check Pay (via Quicken's Bill Manager) is done via a 3rd party payment service, not thru your bank. That 3rd party service prints and mails the check, not your bank, so your bank has no idea of who the payee is. But when you process a Check Pay doesn't a transaction for it get entered into your checking account register showing the name of the payee?

    It works pretty much the same way it happens if you hand write or print and then mail a check to someone. The bank simply has no idea of who the payee is because they did not produce the check themselves.

    Even with Direct Connect Bank Bill Pay (where the payment command is sent by Quicken directly to the bank and the bank prints and mails the check so they know who the payee is) there is some inconsistency in how the payee information will show up in their system and be downloaded into Quicken. Some banks will download the payee name in the posted transactions but others will not.

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